When planning to study in the United States, it is necessary to figure out how to finance tuition fees. In this case, scholarships can help out with a part or the entire cost, depending on the type of assistance granted to the student.

There are United States Government scholarships available for international students. One of these is the Foreign Fulbright Student Program, which are full scholarships for those who wish to pursue a Master's or Doctoral degree, or for non-degree postgraduate studies. The award includes tuition fee, book expenses, airfare, living allowance, and health insurance.

Another government scholarship is the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, one which offers a year of professional enrichment for experienced professionals. The candidates for this program are chosen based on leadership and public service skills. Similarly, this grant is also a full scholarship, which covers all related expenses.

Non-government institutions and organizations also provide scholarship options for international students. The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program gives funding to students coming from countries that are World Bank members. These students can opt to study at any of the eight participating universities, including Harvard University, Columbia University, and Cornell University

The Aga Khan Foundation also offers limited slots for postgraduate study scholarships. In particular, the foundation takes in exceptional students from developing countries who cannot finance their education. The award is granted by funding 50% of the expenses while loaning out the remaining 50%. Applications go through a competitive process for this scholarship.

Another organization, the AAUW, or formerly known as the American Association of University Women provides fellowship grants for research of full-time study for women who are neither US citizens nor permanent residents. The funding ranges depending on the level of study. In 2018, the AAUW provided a $18,000-worth scholarship for masters degree students, $20,000 for doctoral degree students, and $30,000 for postdoctoral students.

Finally, one of the most common options for scholarships for international students in the United States is through the college and university itself. The following are schools that offer partial and full scholarships to their international students.

American University presents partial scholarships to first-year students undergraduate students. These are based on the academic and not financial qualifications of the student. Each academic year provides scholarship funding ranging from $6,000 to $25,000 and is renewable annually subject to conditions. Also, AU has an Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Program that offers to finance to top students who pursue positive civic and social change, in particular, those who plan on improving their home country's less fortunate communities. This scholarship is available for a bachelor's degree program.

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) has a program called the International Students Academic Merit Scholarship which caters to new international students. This scholarship is available for students pursuing either an undergraduate or a graduate degree. 50% of the total tuition, as well as maintenance fees, will be covered by the scholarship program.
International students can also avail scholarships at the Illinois Wesleyan University. Applicants with excellent qualifications and academic performance, as well as excellent entrance exam scores, can apply for this merit-based scholarship. The funding ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 and can be renewed annually for up to four years. Illinois Wesleyan University also grants up to two President's International Student Scholarships each year, which covers full tuition payment, for up to four years of schooling as well.

There are many other schools that offer scholarships for international students. Universities often require certification of funding from international students for the duration of their study, so it is best to prepare out financial plans well ahead of time